Each of the members of the Bannerman family offer their talents for many types of events requiring leadership. They work both as individuals or may be combined to provide leadership for larger or more diverse groups. Please contact us to determine the best person or combination to make your event a memorable one. Glenn, Beth, and Craig live in Western North Carolina, Lee Ann in England and Ren & Melissa live in Oregon.

Glenn Bannerman & Evelyn Bannerman

 Recreation Leadership Training  Creative Nylon Hoseplay Leadership, Appalachian Square Dance and International Folk Dance, Church Retreats, Worship.

Glenn is internationally known as a one stop resource for training of recreation leaders and combines his many skills to train people to lead others in intergenerational recreation. His background as a professor of recreation and his extensive travel providing leadership for countless events allows him to offer a unique blend of dance, play, puppetry, creative nylon hose-play and worship leadership training. As the name of the service implies, Glenn offers you the "celebration" of play, dance and fellowship for people of all ages and abilities. Glenn and Evelyn also provide weekend leadership for family oriented church retreats and church events. These events can include crafts, play parties, dances, campfire programs and worship leadership. Because the "retired" couple maintain a rigorous schedule they need to be booked a minimum of six months to one year in advance. Call for pricing and expenses. 

Beth Gunn

Beth is Glenn and Evelyn's daughter and has developed her own expertise as a recreation and youth leader. Beth has been involved in the planning of several major youth conferences and has directed several large summer day camps. Her skills as a recreation leader are available for church retreats, youth retreats, conferences and family gatherings. A recent combination of her love of cooking and camping have developed into her offering of outdoor cooking classes for small groups, and camp leadership training. Beth also calls dances suitable for young and old alike.
bethgunn at gmail.com

Lee Ann Bannerman Gilbert

Lee Ann is Glenn and Evelyn's youngest daughter who is now residing in England where she is a freelance project manager working in the arts. Lee Ann has for years provided dance and recreation leadership much like her father and siblings for everything from summer camps for children to church retreats and public events.  Combining dance, play, singing, music and other activities Lee Ann enables groups to interact in a safe, fun, positive environment.  Working with all ages, her ability to immediately engage her audience allows her to quickly develop a genuine rapport and interact in a comfortable yet professional manner.
Lee Ann is available for retreats, conferences, family gatherings, school functions, and more with a skill set ranging from leading dancing similar to Ceilidhs to group building activities which include all kinds of activities such as singing, crafts, skills, games, storytelling, drama and more.

To contact Lee Ann please visit www.bannermanarts.com

or email her at

Ren and Melissa Bannerman

Ren is a well know clogger and dance caller who has worked leading dances since the early 1980's. Ren has opened the show for many festivals by showcasing his "buck dancing" that takes it's roots from the southern Appalachian mountains. Ren calls big circle mountain dances and international dance for people of all ages. Ren and his wife Melissa are also very involved in horsemanship instruction and are certified through CHA (Certified Horseman Association) to teach Leadership Training and Skills Workshops, as well as provide Facility Management Evaluation consultation. Ren is the Director of Equestrian Ministries for Canyonview Equestrian College, which is a non-profit Christian horsemanship college whose purpose is "to train dedicated Christians to conduct safe, efficient, and effective horsemanship programs as a tool of positive Christian ministry."

Craig Bannerman

Craig Bannerman recently retired as the Deputy Fire Chief for a small mountain town in North Carolina (bmfire.org).
Craig is a musical member of the family and plays bluegrass and old-time music on the stand-up bass and other instruments. He may be heard on the CD "No Better Times" and "Branching Out" by the Crooked Pine Band. Craig now plays with Crooked Pine in many venues regionally.  See their website or Facebook page for schedules and more.

Megan Bannerman

Megan, Glenn and Evelyn's granddaughter, is also following the families lead and is providing youth and adult recreation leadership. She has contributed as a leader for numerous youth retreats, has interned at Riverside Presbyterian as a youth coordinator, has been on the recreation leadership team for Triennium (07 PYT) at Perdue IN. and both ARW and SARW. She has served on the steering committee for several collegiate conferences in Montreat.
meganbannerman at gmail.com